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A Rustic Fall Porch

We love Fall

It's here! In our part of the world, the mornings are crisp.  Cotton in the fields around our house has opened up and harvest time is near.  October is just a few days away! It's my favorite time of year!! It's the process of change that can be sensed.  Scents and tastes bring this season to life!  Pumpkin Spice everything and fresh apple pies come to mind quickly. As a child, my mom always loved decorating for Fall.  The love my sister and I have for Fall came naturally.   In fact, we began decorating the store in late August!  I say it often and find myself using a new tagline and hashtag often- we love Fall!!

Today, I decided to decorate our front porch.  This is our second Fall in our home.  Last year, our porch was pretty wimpy, so we're making up for things this year!  Today, I had a lot of fun bringing rustic elements into the décor.  I gathered up several metal buckets, windmill bonnets, and a few items from the store.  We always have multiple metal buckets in stock in various sizes!!  They are great inside or out!! The metal scarecrow came from the store along with our new rustic "FALL" sign. My goal was to keep it simple and let pumpkins be the focal point!

Pumpkin Decorating

Rustic Fall Sign

Last year, mom and dad made the "WELCOME" sign with wooden letters from Hobby Lobby.  Simple and makes a great statement for any entry way.  The windmill bonnets add a rustic element, which is what we love!!  We typically have multiple choices in stock that we collect when we come across them!  They are great for adding texture to any vignette!  I actually purchased the one used as a planter from one of our friends and fellow junker, Paris at Rockin'  82 Traders, another fun local shop.  Welcome Entry SignMetal and Fall Decor

I recently moved this bench to the front porch.  My aunt gave the bench to us, really to our daughter, Marley.  Marley is named after my mother's maiden name. I just love the character and story of the bench, so have kept it as is and the size is perfect for our porch.  I love it there.  I added a few pillows for a cozy entry.  I love our new "Give thanks" pillow, the size makes it so cute and affordable. 

My goal today was a rustic porch and am truly pleased with the result!  It's not necessary to spend a lot of money.  Use versatile pieces and let the pumpkins tell their story!  You won't be finding anything fancy or formal here!  We like to keep things simple but add some unexpected elements to liven things up!  This is something I'm still learning!  My mom, on the other hand, has been doing this for many years. Her hands do magical things, lol!  I've been blessed to be a lifelong apprentice lol!  What are your thoughts??  We'd love to hear how you bring rustic elements into your Fall decor!  Find us on Facebook or Instagram!  Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!  HAPPY FALL Y'ALL!!!

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