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About Us

We are a trio of a Mother and Two Daughters: Margot.  Ashley. Brooke.  We have each weathered the storms of life and have our own stories to tell, as do each of you.  We've learned a few things through our experiences at Stuffology, so here you go -Stuffology-ism's-:

1.) Stuffology is an experience- It’s about taking something that seems ordinary and finding what makes it unique and beautiful! This is so much more than a piece of furniture or art covered in dust. We each have a story to tell. We hope what you find here helps make a beautiful home but also helps you see the beauty within yourself.
2.) We have a sacred opportunity to empower the women around us! We aspire to build a place that helps women embrace who they were created to be. We will continue to strive to find ways to do just that.
3.) It takes courage to be vulnerable. Vulnerability allows for growth! And we must never stop growing!! You have something special to share, your position in the lives of those around you is no coincidence or accident! So, in true West Texas fashion, go out and "Grab the bull by the horns." Embrace the journey!