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Our Story

Welcome to Stuffology - Where Vintage Meets Modern.  Owners: Gary and Margot Hardin both have a rich family history in Crosbyton and have a love for their community.

Margot has always appreciated the beauty of things that often get overlooked.  She has a love for antiques and giving something old a new life.  She shared her love with others.  She had booths in craft shows, craft malls and sold on the internet. She loved junk before "junkin" was cool! Stuffology allows her to create and pursue a passion that truly completes her.

Margot Hardin, Visionary, Junker, Boss

Gary is the man behind it all.  He helps bring the vision behind Stuffology to life.  He and Margot enjoy finding worn out objects and giving them a new purpose or new life.  He loves old industrial pieces and car parts.  When you visit Stuffology, you'll see one his prizes out front, Old Gentry, our beloved 1941 International Pick-Up.  Gary makes his appearance in the store often.  If you don't see him, you will often hear his awesome, eclectic taste of music from the workshop in the background! 

In 2012, Gary and Margot began updating a 90 year old building.  Margot's unique desire of giving something old a new life was a huge part of the renovation. She wanted to use the building as a showroom and workshop for the business. It wasn't long before, the building became a storefront and Stuffology was born!  Initially open just on Saturdays and eventually adding Fridays and now open Thursday- Saturday. 

Daughters, Brooke and Ashley also help with the business where they can, especially with details in the boutique.  It has been a growing process, definitely one that continues. If you've visited at a show or on a weekend you've likely met one or both of them!   

If you visit on a Thursday or Friday, you will most likely meet Sandy or Heather!  We appreciate these two ladies and the energy they bring to Stuffology!

Back to the history, eventually the 432 square foot building met it 's capacity and Gary and Margot were able to purchase a building built in 1923. The building had housed many businesses over the years.  The story behind and inside the walls is what spoke to them. Keeping the original character in the restoration process was a huge priority. In June of 2015, Stuffology- Where Vintage Meets Modern moved into their current home where the store occupies about 3,000 square feet!  When you visit, the wooden beams in the ceiling and exposed brick are a large part of the Stuffology experience! 

As you can see, Stuffology has definitely evolved over the past several years and we believe there are exciting things ahead.  We love our community and the beauty of our region.  A large part of what we love is the people!  Sharing our love for details and character!  We appreciate our customers and look forward to the journey ahead with each of you!